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Here are all the information you want to know about tile grout

1.What is grouting

All materials used to fill gaps of ceramic tiles are collectively referred to as sewing agent. The development of sewing agent from white cement, pointing agent, to one component tile grout and epoxy tile grout and last to two component tile grout. Also, with the increasing requirements for joints filling products in the process of home decoration, no matter the quality of tile grout products or construction effects  are constantly improved.



2. Why grouting

The tile grout is to add some beautification effect on the basis of the joints filling, so that the tile looks better, but also more foil the style of the room. If the new house decoration does not grout, the tile gap will be filled in a very short time by dust and other debris, resulting the tile gap black and moldy. Especially in places where there is often water in the home, such as the kitchen and bathroom, the joints of ceramic tiles are often soaked with water, which will cause mold and bacteria to grow in the joints. Therefore, grouting can avoid these problems to a certain extent.



3. Daily maintenance of tile grout

The maintenance of the tile grout is actually very easy. The tile grout is resistant to weak acid and alkali, easy to clean, and can be cleaned together with ceramic tiles daily.

4. Environmental problems related to tile grout

Tile grout is made of high-grade pigment and epoxy resin through processing. Epoxy resin is a green material and harmless to human body. However, curing agents should be added in the production process. Common curing agents include formaldehyde, nonylphenol, 1.3BAC and so on. The environmental performance of tile grout is more reflected in these materials. Formaldehyde and nonylphenol are harmful substances prohibited by the United Nations, but the cost of 1.3BAC is dozens of times that of formaldehyde and nonylphenol, so some malicious merchant will still risk being punished by adding them into their products.



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