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Grout redoing contains abstruse knowledge

Can I change the color if I think the tile grout made by home construction is not nice? If the sewing doesn't work well, can I make it again? If there is problem with the seam, how can we solve it? As for the tile grout, there may be a lot of owner have all sorts of problems, actually tile grout can do afresh, just can be more troublesome just. No matter what problems you encounter with the tile grout, whether the color is not good, or the product has not solidified, or it is too long, if you want to do new, these can be re-construction.



The steps of redoing

1.The tile grout products that have not solidified are relatively thick. Use a spatula or a clear seam cone to shovel out the tile grout products little by little, and there will be a lot of residual materials on both sides of the gaps, which should be gradually cleared away. If the product has solidified, it needs to be blown soft with the help of an industrial hot air gun, and then cleaned.



2.The tile grout products that need to be shoveled out cannot be removed with water or other cleaning agents. Be careful not to hurt the surface of the tile when using the shoveling knife. Because the seams need to be kept clean and dry, the hardest part of redoing the seams is cleaning them, even more difficult than the first time.



3.If the tile grout product in some areas is not dry, you can shovel out the section and test the dryness of the gap to find out the reason why the beauty seam product is not dry. At the back of the glue press seam, as far as possible to cover the next to the tile grout products, so as to avoid the condition that the newly made tile grout broken with the original.



If you just don't like the color of the tile grout and feel it is troublesome to redo the beauty seam, you can choose to add a layer of new glue to cover the original color.

Xiaoke warm tips

1.When the tile grout needs to be redone, the tile grout product must be completely cured without dust, impurities or cracking on the surface

2.When the seam needs to be redone, both sides of the gap can be kept clean and dry, and the original seam product has no mildew and humidity

3.If the tile grout needs to be redone, use the tile grout product with a deeper color to cover it. If you use a lighter color, the effect may not be so beautiful

Tile grout is not a one-off, nor is it permanent. If you are not satisfied with the effect of tile grout at home, please make changes as soon as possible, so as to save a lot of trouble. However, xiaoke can suggest, in order to avoid unnecessary redo rework, you can do a test of the small area first! Welcome to contact us-Kelin China epoxy tile grout supplier.