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Glue gun use skills

Many people do not know how to use the glue gun at the beginning. Here, Kelin grout Supplier tells you the tips in the construction of the tile grout.

First, cut the nozzle at a 45 ℃ Angle, and then insert the tile grout into the glue gun, glue gun will have a long hooked bar at the end, pull it to the greatest extent, so that we can then put the tile grout in, the nozzle end of the tube  to tilt to the top of the glue guns, rotating hook rod, make part hooked up, side down, gently squeeze the trigger, make the grout running, and then you can use.



Place the glue head in the position where the tile grout is needed, and pull the glue gun along the gap of the tile for grouting. When using, gently squeeze the trigger to ensure continuous release of tile grout, and move the glue gun at a stable speed, so as to ensure uniform tile grout extruded, and at the same time, prepare a wet cloth for quick and convenient cleaning.



These are some tips about using the glue gun. Have you learned it?