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Glue gun is very laborious, why?

The use of glue gun is indispensable in the construction of two-component tile grout, good products also need good tools. What is the reason why you feel so laborious when you glue?

1.Thermal problem

Tile grout also affected by the temperature. When the temperature is low, the product will become viscous and have poor fluidity. So when you glue it, it will be very laborious. In this case, we can put the bottle of sealant face up in hot water and soak it for about 10 minutes, so that the sealant becomes soft and easy to glue.



2.Quality problems of glue gun

 Poor quality glue gun, no thrust, inflating glue will be very large resistance, high quality glue gun has a good thrust, construction will be more labor-saving. Also can choose the electric glue gun, the speed and the amount of glue are very uniform.



3.Curing problems of tile grout

After the opening of the tile grout, if it is not used out, in addition to improper preservation, after a period of time, it will cure. It can’t be used again, the glue will not come out. Then replace a new glue mouth to make it reused. But I suggest you try to use it all at once.



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