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Full disclosure, do you really know about tile grout?

Tile grout has been developed generation after generation since established, From primitive cement, putty powder, to professional grouting products. Such as self-leveling, filling agent, tile grout, until currently more environmentally friendly grouting products: sewing agent, epoxy tile grout.



With developing of tile grout industry and the market is expanding increasingly , the products becoming more and more advanced. These years, with vigorous development of tile grout industry, especially the appearance of epoxy tile grout, it is to be the winner and completely exceeded the other products. The market of other products is smaller and smaller, so they are really hard to survive. Due to the high market share of tile grout products, a large number of brands have poured out of this market in the past two years, producing a variety of tile grout products.



What we can't see is that some manufacturers use inferior raw materials to make products in order to occupy the market, and with a low price strategy, frantically combine to occupy the market of other tile grout brands. Our construction team use a large number of such products because of the low price. Our owner chose this construction team because of the low price. Owners may not know the tile grout what they used is produced in that factory. The tile grout technician they selected may move bricks and cement yesterday.



These are the dangers of formaldehyde and other air pollutants that eat away at the human body after the tile grout curing. Until the body get worse, those pollutants will make people think deeply. Then, it is too late.



Dear owners, do you really know tile grout? Do you really learn tile grout?

We should not think that it is economical to buy cheap products, tile grout is just a kind of chemical product, which must pass strict inspection to enter the market. It is really not safe if it is not inspected by professional national institution. When we choose the tile grout, we must choose larger brands, because larger brand company will be responsible for the product, and will test for the product.



Choose products with high market share, it must be wise . You’d better obtain more experience from the owners about tile grout.

Choose a professional tile grout team, they should wear uniform work clothes, and professional behaved.

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