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Formulation and advantages of tile grout

Tile grout is mainly made of high-tech polymer and high-end color powder, belonging to paste liquid. It is different from the traditional white cement and colorful sewing agent. It is an upgraded product. You only need glue on the tile joints, no need to use joints filler as the base layer, especially suitable for more than 2mm tile joints. It is more convenient to construction.

The tile grout has good waterproof and moisture proof, so it has more advantages compare to the traditional sewing agent. At present, the most common epoxy two-component tile grout on the market is divided into two-component tile grout, one is oily, can resist moisture; One is water-based, with a bit of oily tile grout, and more environmentally friendly.



Oily tile grout is insoluble in water, touch the skin or clothes is not easy to clean, high stability, hard and firm, glossiness is high, use in the moist space such as toilet, kitchen commonly. Waterborne tile grout has no organic solvent, stronger environmental performance, no VOC environmental protection and harmless, before it is cured, it can be wiped clean with water. After curing, the surface is hard and has toughness, bending strength is large, and it can also bear strong pressure.



The tile grout produced by Kelin flexible grout additive manufacture is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, no matter it is water-based or oil-based. Water-based tile grout is more environmentally friendly, more suitable for baby room, bedroom, a class of places; The oil tile grout new home is higher, the market circulation rate is also very good, and is suitable for heating, bathroom, kitchen and other complex areas. You can choose according to the actual needs.