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Farewell to grout and tile cleaner

Are you still worried about grout cleaning? Do you still use a cleaning company to clean floor crevices on a regular basis? Are you still using special cleaners at extra cost? Kelin tile grout, use one time can easily solve these troubles.

Many families use cement-based grout for gap filling, which is cheap and strong. Although there are a variety of colors to choose, it is ultimately easy to fade and difficult to clean up. Like the kitchen, bathroom and other places, all the year round water and oil invasion, cleaning up is even more difficult, because of the perennial water immersion will appear break off the situation. Some homes may use a cleaning company to do the cleaning regularly, while others choose to use a cleaner to cut down on extra expenses. If this goes on for a long time, it will not only cost money but also shorten its service life.



A two-component epoxy tile grout developed by the Kelin epoxy grout additive factory can solve these problems effectively, once, with no subsequent expense, and take your leave of the cleaning company and cleaners. Kelin tile grout is made of imported raw materials. The epoxy tile grout has strong adhesion, waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew resistance. After curing, the surface is smooth and not easy to scratch oil, and can be wiped with a rag. A variety of colors can be matched with ceramic tile, service life and ceramic tile together, convenient and practical.