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Encounter the following situations, do not blindly do tile grout

Ceramic tile grout is a project that most people will choose in the decoration at present. Because of the reasons of construction technology, in the process of laying bricks, it is necessary to leave a certain gap, but in fact, not all cases are suitable for ceramic tile grout or in the selection of the category of sealant, there is a great deal of attention.Next, Kelin ceramic tile grout manufacturer takes you through some common situations.

1. Ceramic tile size is too small

Ceramic tile size is too small, there are many seams, the dosage of tile grout is very big, and the construction is very complex.General ceramic tile specifications are divided into 800×800mm, 600×600mm and 300×300mm. If the ceramic tile specifications are mostly less than 300×300mm, such as Mosaic tiles, it is not recommended to use tubular sealant, because the construction is not only time-consuming and labored and the material waste rate is also high. Generally, the color sand products in barrels are better.



2. The environment is too humid

The construction of tile grout has higher environmental requirements. It should be carried out in a dry and clean environment, otherwise it will affect the curing of the joint agent or affect the subsequent use effect. If the environment is wet and can not be dried, Then the construction of tile grout cannot be carried out.

3. Ceramic tile seam is too small

Seams will be reserved when tiling, if the follow-up to do tile grout, then the reserved seam should not be less than 2 mm, so that it is conducive to the later construction, the effect will be better. But if the gap is too small, it will not only affect the beauty of the seam, but also the thermal expansion and cold contraction of ceramic tiles are prone to arching.



4. Tile loose

If the tiles appear hollow drum loose or fall off situation, the tile grout cannot be done, if make the tile grout in the case of tile instability, it will affect the adhesion of tile grout.