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Effect drawing of light grey floor tile with tile grout (Color matching principle)

Now, a lot of owners will choose to use gray tiles to do floor tiles, kitchen ,bathroom wall tiles and so on. Gray ceramic tile is not only able to bear dirty, but also gray can let a person do not feel depressive. So what tile grout be used to match gray ceramic tile more good-looking?


Dazzle silver tile grout collocation effect picture

It works well with the silver glitter. The fine silver powder in the silver glitter works well with the light grey tiles.



Silver gray tile grout with effect drawing

Light gray ceramic tile can match silver gray tile grout completely, shallow build depth is best, because the light gray itself is more drab, it need dark color to match more effective. Actually, choosing the tile grout is to choose the color close to ceramic tile color, if the chromatic aberration is too big not only not endure to see, but also can destroy ceramic tile.



 Light gray ceramic tile also can choose silver gray tile grout to go collocation, because comparing the color of silver gray tile grout, the ceramic tile color should be light. There is little difference after matching with silver gray tile grout, which making people see the mood is cheerful, not only be able to bear dirty , also won't let person produce visual fatigue.

Pure white tile grout with effect drawing

Pure white tile grout matches with gray ceramic tile is quite good-looking with a clear sense of hierarchy, but white is especially conspicuous.



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