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Double 11, A big hit!

During the double 11, while welcoming the new owners, a large-scale "Kelin group purchase meeting for Evergrande owners" was held in the sales center of the park. The products are directly supplied by the manufacturers, free home measurement, construction, lifelong quality guarantee, and the activity intensity is super large.



Consultation and spot sign sheet scene hot, staff warm reception, patience to answer, the tile grout division upstairs and downstairs rush to the door measuring ruler, according to the owner of the ceramic tile color system, carefully guide the collocation scheme, everywhere reveals the characteristics of kelin quality service.




Kelin,being always adhering to the service principle of customer first, the purpose of customer satisfaction. As a professional China tile grout manufacturer of tile grout for 14 years, we not only provide one-stop quality service, but also have a perfect import and export service system. No matter in domestic or foreign trade, we are committed to creating environmentally friendly and high quality tile grout products.