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Does your house make tile grout ? Teach you how to choose products and match colors!

When decorating, people put a lot of effort into choosing walls and floor tiles, but it is easy to ignore the most important-tile grout.

Must ceramic tile make tile grout?

How does the tile grout be made not low?

The tile grout has become moldy and black, can it be saved?

Do not see the ceramic tile gap is narrow to have only a few millimeter, but if it is bad, these can destroy the appearance level of whole ground and the style that live in. Today, Kelin China tile additive manufacturer will talk with you about the tile grout. 



We can simply understand the tile grout as: beautify ceramic tile gap

 Everybody knows that when laying ceramic tile, not every ceramic tile is right next to. Commonly it will leave some gaps to prevent ceramic tile crazing caused by thermal expansion and contraction. So, filling in these gaps is what we call the tile grout.



Q: Is it necessary to make the tile grout?

A: Not necessarily! But it is suggested to do, because the seam between brick and brick bottom material is cement, which is madly bibulous when affected by damp and brings about mildew. The function of tile grout looks that it is the aperture which lets ceramic tile become neat and good-looking. Actually, it is to prevent mildew and be against bacterium, also enhance the characteristic of waterproof and facilitate to clean.



1. White cement

In the past, people filled the seam directly used the white cement after adding water , its effect is good in a short time, but easy to ooze water and mildew , now, it has been basically eliminated basically.

2. Caulking agent

The updated version of white cement with strong adhesion, also has anti-crack performance, but it is not waterproof, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. It is easy to yellow and mildew.

3. Tile grout

It is waterproof, mildew-proof and dirt-resistant. The main raw material is epoxy resin, which is a semi-flowing liquid installed in the pipe and can fit perfectly in the gap. The only drawback is that the hardness is not very good.

4. Sewing agent

Sewing agent will neither evaporate water, or not collapse; Solid as porcelain after curing, and will not fall off, it is waterproof, mildew proof and do not fade color seepage.



1. Contrasting colors

Dark brick + light color seam (light color sewing agent is the most easy to highlight the texture of dark ceramic tile, simple and clear)

Small white brick/small white bread brick + dark grey seam (all kinds of small white bricks can be combined with dark grey tile grout, with bright contrast and strong line sense)

2. Close color

(1) Light color brick + light color seam (light color brick matches with light color gap, it appears clean, and the overall sense of space will be stronger)

(2) Imitated wood grain brick + same color seam (if imitated wood grain brick, in order to maximize the imitation of seamless wood floor, the color of the brick and seam should be close)

What should be reminded is that wood grain brick generally do not choose white, especially abrupt, the effect is as following ↓



(3)Marble brick + white seam/light gray seam (more popular marble such as jazz white, fish-belly white, snowflake white, etc., can be matched with white seam, choose a similar gray is not inconsistent)

(4)(Cream-colored imitation brick, common in the Decoration of American style, with ivory color is the most common collocation)