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Does the kicking thread need tile grout?

Can the kicking thread be done the tile grout?

A lot of owners will ask if the kicking thread can do the tile grout A lot of people think that the kicking thread is unnecessary, because it will be blocked by furniture. And with more material, construction is more troublesome, so they directly eliminated the foot line tile grout. General kicking thread is using stone material kicking thread or ceramic tile kicking thread, these two kinds of materials are very appropriate to do tile grout.



Kicking thread tile grout

It is better for the bottom of the kicking thread to do the tile grout.

Because the tile grout can not only prevent dirt, moisture proof, but also can let integral effect more perfect. But before doing the tile grout, you had better tidy up the metope, otherwise kicking thread cannot clingy metope, and will leave ugly joint. Usually, you need to do the kicking thread first, and then the tile grout, because after kicking thread sticking, the metope can exist certain joints, these joints need to undertake filling and repairing with tile grout product, such integral effect  is more perfect.



Especially for resin type, wooden, play crural line, waist line of the lacquer that bake, setting wall material (UV), porcelain brick (glaze thinner) and so on, proposed the first construction and crepe paper glue, this requires the joint master's experience to do to separate the different material, avoiding the construction joints shovel edge, because the viscosity of the tile grout above material formation damage, causing unnecessary loss, at the same time also wish every teacher's originality, and every owner satisfaction, can achieve a win-win situation!



Xiaoke tips

 when in the cold winter construction, you must remember to heat materials in the correct way oh! Welcome to contact us-Kelin China tile grout manufacturer.