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Do you need to seal grout?

Are you still struggling with which grout product to choose? Take a look at the following to make your choice easy.

When decorating, many people will choose cement base caulking agent. Cement-based tile caulking agent, composed of cement, tiny sand and polymer additives. Besides, it will add some special effects of polymer, so that it has a certain elasticity, plasticity, tensile strength and anti-mold ability with varieties of color to choose. However, because such caulking agent products are based on cement, the sealing effect is poor. Cement in the microscopic porous structure is prone to water, oil, bacteria and other pollution, the future cleaning is also very troublesome, after a long time will fade, peel or other problems. Some people will use sealant on it to seal, but it cannot last long, every year or two to grout, it will be troublesome.



The emergence of epoxy tile grout has completely solved these problems. It has excellent waterproof and mildew proof properties, and it is not easy to cause mold when it is in wet or greasy state for a long time. Epoxy tile grout has dense surface, water resistance, impermeability, wear resistance, no weathering in long-term use, strong stability, environmental protection and non-toxic, and will not cause harm to human health. Its effect and performance are far superior to ordinary cement-based caulking agent.



For the health of your family and better decoration effect, epoxy tile grout is your best choice. The two-componenttile grout manufactured by Kelin epoxy grout supplier has a strong sealing effect, simple operation, a lifetime benefit from one use, so that you don't have to pay extra cleaning costs and improve the quality of life.