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Do you know the difference between polyurea and the epoxy resin ?

In recent years, with the development and changes of  the ceramic tile types, tile grout also constantly upgraded from original  sewing agent to one-component joints filler, last to now two-component tile grout. Whether the  appearance, color or function, all improved, and can be matched with any style's ceramic tile with strong stability and service life.



At present,  the most popular product on the market is the two-component tile grout with the  epoxy resin as the main component. Epoxy resin is a high polymer and thermosetting resin, with the good performances of good bonding strength, chemical resistance, eco-friendly  and no pungent smell. It can also be effectively mildew-proof and waterproof, will not whiten and fade. It can effectively inhibit bacteria and prevent cracks from becoming black. However, it is necessary to pay attention to keep the ground dry before construction and avoid contacting  with water. Another common problem with epoxy resins is that the color will turn yellow when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, this kind of epoxy resins is not suitable for balconies and outdoor areas that are vulnerable to strong light exposure.



Last year, appeared a new kind of tile grout--polyurea tile grout. Polyurea, as a high-tech new material, currently the best weather resistance material in the world, mainly used in military industry, aerospace, ship container special scenario, the outer contour.  Polyurea hydrophobicity is extremely strong, construction is not affected by environmental temperature, humidity, and   can normal construction under extreme environmental conditions,.  It is also wear-resistant, waterproof, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, ageing resistance, high temperature resistant, never turn yellow and other functions, so the application field is very wide.The application of polyurea to the tile grout, not only changes the original features of the yellowing, but also contains all the advantages of the epoxy resin tile grout.



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