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Do you dare to use such a tile grout?

With the continuous development of the tile grout, there already various tile grout existing on the market with all sorts of prices. So what’s the difference between these tile grout? Let me-the China tile grout supplier take you to learn about it.

Epoxy resin as the mainstream tile grout belongs to thermosetting resin, only with curing agent can it be used in practice, the choice of curing agent determines whether or not it is harmful to your health.



Nonyl phenol-the raw materials forbidden to be added to indoor tile grout, it poses a serious threat to men’s reproductive capacity and their health.

Formaldehyde-an organic chemical, contain carcinogens, pungent odor, it seriously affects people’s health, added to the tile grout can also do a lot of harm to us.

1.3BAC-Fast curing, good pervious to light, the color is clear and bright, good resistance to water, it can be applied to wet environment, strong weather ability, both high and low temperature can be used, more resistant to yellow conduction, it greatly solves the problem of slow curing, easy yellowing and easy clamp mildew.



After seeing the above three ingredients, I believe you must have some ideas, 1.3BAC is the safest curing agent on the market at present, this material will be added in the high quality tile grout, but might as well some shady businessmen in the name of environmental protectionadd harmful ingredients, thus selling at a low price to cheat consumers.

Kelin-As one of the biggest China environment tile grout manufacturers, we are in line with the customer is responsible for their own purpose, no harmful ingredients are added to all the ingredients, our products have passed the SGS and CMA environmental testing certification, and add negative oxygen ion in the product, it has the function of purifying air.