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Decorating whether needs tile grout on earth?

The friend that did not do tile grout normally can consult the friend that had decorated completely, whether did they do the tile grout when decorating? Do we need beauty seam or not? How does it look after the stitches? Are there any harmful substances in the sutures that affect human health?




1. What is tile grout?

The tile grout, as the name suggests, is to be able to change the gap beauty of a decorative material, its predecessor is pointing sewing agent, filling agent; But the tile grout not only has the general pointing sewing agent, filling agent, now the tile grout has been optimized unceasingly, and has so many functions, such as waterproof, prevent to blacken, mildew proof, easy to clean and other effect. In addition, in order to meet the needs of different customers, the tile grout with different efficacy will also appear.



2. How about tile grout? How does it work?

Of course, it is said that a good environment can make people feel happy and comfortable. If all day long facing a black gap, the impact of beauty do not say, his heart will also be uncomfortable. But, no matter be where, kitchen, toilet or it is other any place, only do you do the tile grout, it is not only beautiful but also jet-black no longer. At the same time, it still can greatly waterproof mildew, and let those joint that isn’t cleaned no longer being the difficult problem for owner.



3.Is there any other effect of the tile grout besides these?

As mentioned above, the decoration and practicability of tile grout have been its basic functions. In our daily life, formaldehyde and benzene are harmful substances, even there is a small amount of formaldehyde in the air, for that matter, can the tile grout products of Kelin brand, not only has the general decorative and practical function as other tile grout, the product after curing, also can release the negative oxygen ion, negative oxygen ion can react with formaldehyde, benzene in the air, it is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, can purify air effectively.



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