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"Climate emergency"

Recently (Dec12,2020), UN Secretary-General António Guterres, opening the Climate Ambition Summit, calling on world leaders to declare a "climate emergency" in their respective countries to stimulate action to avert catastrophic global warming. The climate Ambition Summit, attended by leaders from more than 70 countries, speaking at a one-day video conference to further mobilize the international community to intensify climate action and push forward the volatile process.



At present, the global warming imagination is becoming more and more obvious, seriously affecting the ecological balance. The main reason of global warming is that mankind has used a large amount of mineral fuels (such as coal and oil) for nearly a century, emitting a large number of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Warming can cause huge impact: the polar melting glaciers, sea levels rising, flooding low-lying coastal land, impacting many low-lying countries and most countries in the coastal area, causing the global climate change, rainstorm, drought, desertification phenomenon, for the whole ecosystem, human activity and life safety will cause great harm.



The economic recovery plan after the epidemic is also the key to promote the low-carbon future. From countries around the world to people, from small to large, everyone should pay attention to the importance of environmental protection and start from the trivial things in life.

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