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Classification and distinction of epoxy tile grout

Early years, the epoxy colored sand appeared in the international market, with its excellent performance and dazzling color gorgeous color, won the favor of the majority of consumers. This kind of epoxy colored sand is the epoxy resin that first appeared on the market. But with the increase of the use of time, people began to find that although this material solves the original seam filler, single color, poor hardness. But anti-fouling property is bad, color also begins to fade as the time past, changing to white. Recently, The 2-tube epoxy tile grout began to popular in the market will it still like before, only have been beautiful, difficult to last? What's the difference between them?



It is a new product after colored epoxy sand (two-component, three-component) and one-component colored epoxy sand. It aims to solve the problems of complicated construction and firm color of colored epoxy sand.Not only the color is rich and will not fade, but also waterproof and mouldproof, cleaning up is also simple and convenient, no longer need to ask professionals to clean the home, you can easily solve, stubborn stains fall behind, take a rag wipe stains disappear immediately, and hardness is strong, but also wear resistant, do not fall off. Life span is equal to that of tile.




The barrel epoxy colored adhesive of Kelin has also been upgraded on the basis of the original product, which solves the problems caused by the original cement-based macromolecular structure, such as easy dirt, color discoloration and so on. By improving molecular structure and chemical properties, color is firmly locked in. The surface is smooth and easy to clean. Also greatly enhanced the anti - pollution strong.



Kelin epoxy tile joints adhesive - epoxy colored adhesive that is fitted into pipes. On the basis of upgrading epoxy colored adhesive, we have done the reflective surface treatment, and the product belongs to the soft gloss system, which is more suitable for the latest popular soft gloss brick on the market. The degree of refraction of slightly glance, let ceramic tile and aperture become more stereo, more beautiful.



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