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Ceramic tile grout of 8 words formula, after masterly reciting, you can start the work!

Ceramic tile grout is more and more popular, and the work of tile grout techican is also more and more meticulous, with the flow more and more refined. Xiaoke simply clears up the tile grout construction process, and only uses 8 words to remember the formula, so that the beginners can more rapidly memorize and digest.




The so-called open, that is, open sewing! Tile grout relies on the seam between ceramic tile and sanitary ware. The first step is opening the seam, it cannot have out of thin air, namely cannot enlarge the dimension of original seam or shrink, but should clear the sundry that fills original seam out, let the seam "open completely". At ordinary times, we use sewing tools such as box cutter, hook knife, sewing cone, etc. The depth of sewing should be more than 3 mm. The width of the seam should be based on the maximum allowable size of the original seam and ensure that the tile is not damaged.


After the seam being opened, the depth and width have reached the requirements, but the cleaning degree of the seam is not up to the standard. Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion and long-term function of the ceramic tile sanitary ware in the later period of tile grout, it must be cleaned. The objects to be cleaned are ash, oil, stain and water. Dust cleaning should be done with a high power vacuum cleaner, and the surface and the seam are done with a  comprehensive cleaning, oil stains should be cleaned with wet cloth cleaning. And water should be dried with a cloth or mop and placed until the crevices are dry.


Filling is the filling of the tile grout, we use the words to fill, but do not have to play. It is a special emphasis on the tile grout filling volume and uniform glue of the tile grout. General filling depth to ensure that 3 mm, so as to ensure that the amount of adhesive sufficient, which can make the late bonding sealing strength and service life is very good guarantee.

4. press

After finishing glue pressing, we should timely press the glue operation, generally should be carried out within 10 minutes, especially in summer with high temperature, glue curing fast, so we should timely go on the press seam operation to ensure the gloss and smoothness of the colloidal surface after glue pressing.

5. clean

After the colloid solidifies, we should timely clean the residual materials on both sides of the seam. After cleaning the residual materials, we can check whether there are any remaining defects in the gluing process.


After cleaning the remaining materials, each seam should be inspected to ensure that the glue in each seam has been cured and there is no place that does not meet the construction acceptance standards. For not fully solidified, edge and corner glue has mischief and some places have many rough problems, we should take next step of construction measures as soon as possible.


For the details in the process of seam inspection, the most timely leak inspection and filling should be given to ensure that each seam can pass the acceptance

8. sweep

After ensuring that each seam can meet the acceptance standards, the whole construction environment shall be cleaned in the end to ensure that the construction environment is clean and tidy.



The above is for reference as the basic construction specifications. However, due to certain differences in tools and construction conditions during the construction process, we should also have special treatment methods for special construction conditions. For example, the difference between northern daytime and night temperature is big, ceramic tile is hot bilge cold shrink big, so, little Ke suggest the beautiful sewing agent to use flexibility.

Do you remember? The 8 words formula of beautiful seam: "open, clean, fill, press, clear, check, mend, sweep"

Isn't that easy?

At this time, perhaps someone will say, the beauty of the beautiful sewing is simple, but what the difference between do the beautiful sewing and do not ?

Can really don't say, it is really different for doing or not!

Don't believe it?

Check it out for yourself!

Beauty sewing before and after contrast

When the new house is decorated

When the tiles were laid and beautifully sewn,

Isn't the contrast strong?

The place that tile grout applied is different, the effect that the place presents is all perfect!



Since the drawing-room was beautifully sewn,

Saying goodbye to the black line on the tile,

The grade of decoration is upgraded in an instant.

Do friends have more face when they visit?

Since the kitchen is beautifully sewn, it is no longer smeared with grease.

No longer will the dirty black seam affect the appetite

Is it beautiful?



The bathroom was beautifully sewn

Is it safe to go to the shower barefoot?

No longer afraid of tile seam crawling out of the creepy bug.

Such a toilet also won't breed bacterium.


This beautiful sewing agent is moisture-proof and mildew proof.

You don't have to worry about the black and moldy stuff that you used to have with the regular filler

Worry more



Ceramic tiles were not used to fill seams or were filled with common filler, also dirty, and mildew, easy to produce bacteria. Now it's done. It's done beautiful and hygienic.

It is made of a variety of high molecular polymers and high grade pigments.

The solidified beauty seam will form a smooth porcelain clean surface on the ceramic tile.

Wear-resistant, waterproof, oil-proof, smudge-free, excellent self-cleaning,

Not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean with only a wipe. For a lazy person like Xiao Ke, it's a treat.





When you look at this,

Do you have an urge to start making beautiful sewing right away?

If you want to do it, just do it.

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