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Can you still make tile grout under such circumstances?

A lot of people have been asking recently, It has been filled with Cementitious sealant agent in my house, Can you still use the tile grout? Of course!

In fact, as long as the sealant is properly handled, it will not affect the use of tile grout, because the gap should be cleaned before the tile grout, make the gap level, ceramic tile surface to keep clean, no dust, high quality, dry. Then we can do the construction of tile grout. It does not affect the effect of construction.



So what should I do to use the tile grout? First of all, the seam filler should be cleaned to a depth of at least 2-3 mm, and then clean the residual powder, vacuum the inside and the surface of the tile. After the gap is completely cleared, we can do the construction of tile grout.



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