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Can you grout over old grout?

Since the grout product is the "invisible" product in the decoration process all the time, but it plays a vital role like ceramic tile. Grout products are also constantly updated. Some owners have used traditional caulking agent. Now they want to use tile grout when renovating, can they still do it? Below Kelin grout booster factory to help you answer this problem.

You can grout after using sewing agent, as long as the processing is proper, it will not affect the grout effect. The traditional sewing agent is one of the most common jointing products, because of its simple construction, low price, many owners will use sewing agent after tile installation. Tile grout is a popular jointing products in recent years. Compared with sewing agent, the most essential difference is that tile grout belongs to epoxy resin adhesive, while sewing agent belongs to inorganic powder, and the effect between these two is also very different.

Why can we do the sewing agent first?

1. Some ceramic tile gap is too deep, the construction of the grout needs to use a lot of tile grout, in order to save material and reduce the cost of tile grout, you can do the sewing agent first to fill some ceramic tile gap depth.

2. The bottom of ceramic tile gaps is uneven and contains a lot of debris that cannot be removed, so make the  sewing agent first, which can pave the bottom of ceramic tile cracks and prevent the uneven or bubble of the tile grout.

3. After making the sewing agent, some special color tile grout will not be dark and permeable, and the effect will be more beautiful.



How to make the tile grout after the sewing agent?

1. Clean the ceramic tile gap out of the depth of 2-3 mm, not all empty, ceramic tile on both sides of some sewing agent must be fully cleaned, do not leave dust and debris.

2. Brush with wool will clear the dirt that come out sweep out, perhaps use cleaner to absorb dirt, the towel that wipes ceramic tile gap with wring water finally both sides, stick dirt in case, remember not have obvious water.

3. After cleaning ceramic tile gaps and dry water vapor, you can grout according to construction directly.



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