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Can floor heating ceramic tile be beautifully sewn? What should I pay attention to?

Household decoration, design is a top priority on the ground, usually, everyone chooses is ceramic tile and wood floor, which will be installed at the bottom of the ceramic tile and wood floor heating, so in the winter, you also won't feel cold, but for laying ceramic tile family, usually beauty of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of laid of floor heating on seam can be beautiful? What should I pay attention to. Next, Xiaoke can talk with you about the floor heating ceramic tile grout problem.



Can floor heating ceramic tile be beautifully sewn? Floor heating full name is floor radiation heating, it is the regulation that uses one’s accumulation heat and quantity of heat to rise radiate to conduct up, ceramic tile suffers the influence is the biggest. A lot of people worry about the ground to be heated for too long, the heat that can affect ceramic tile bilges cold shrink, cause ceramic tile craze even or arch. In fact, the heating of the floor is very uniform, and very stable. Underground warmth is to hide in the ground, the conduction between and ceramic tile still has certain distance, and ceramic tile has been baked through high temperature, moisture content is very low, not easy craze, be out of shape.



Tile grout is used to beautify ceramic tile seam originally and protect ceramic tile, but owner people worry more after doing perfect seam, the heat that can affect ceramic tile expands cold shrink, and the owner that did floor warmth to this kind of worry can be more intense. So what harm can the beautiful sewing do on the ceramic tile that lays floor warmth have?

The traditional filling sewing agent chooses white cement as the main raw material, easy to yellow, cracking, if used in the floor heating, may accelerate cracking, and cause certain damage to the ceramic tile. The new beautiful sewing products are made of  polymer  nanocomposites with advanced additives and pigments, which are not only rich and full in color, but also have high stability. The product has strong adhesion, small shrinkage and good ductility. After curing, it is hard and ductile. And each performance is very stable, after curing can not only endure harsh hot environment, but also can prevent cold and freeze, so in the use of floor heating ceramic tile, will not have an impact.



Notes for floor heating tile grout

In order to prevent floor tiles from cracking, strict construction techniques are required.

Above all, before laying brick, the brick seam of ceramic tile should stay wide at least2.5mm, leave enough space for ceramic tile, prevent floor warm expand craze,

It is, use floor to warm special tile grout, if the ceramic tile is beautiful but appearing the circumstance that seam bursts, it is likely that using wrong tile grout product.

From cold brick to hot brick, there will be expansion, the best choice of the tile grout products when the strong tenacity of the style. Finally, in order to make the balance of ceramic tile and cement, it can be used in the first month’s floor heating, and then in the tile grout! Winter construction remember to use hot material oh!

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