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Do you still worry about blisters?


As we all know, it is an indispensable step in the process of decorating our family to make the ceramic tiles and mosaic beautiful. We make the tile grout to ceramic tile, not only can improve the aesthetic degree of the house, but also can play waterproof and mildew proof, easy to scrub, reduce the role of bacteria breeding.


When making the tile grout construction, we will meet some problems, Blister is one of them. Today CORING summed up the possible cause of the blister for your reference.


1. The base did not be handled well, ceramic tile joints has moisture. The technician must keep the joints dry before construction. Otherwise it will lead the tile grout fade. At the same time, as the vapor evaporates, it will lead to bubbling of the seams.


2. The gap of ceramic tile has dirt, had not been cleaned clean. When construction, technician must use cleaner to sweep ceramic tile aperture clean, prevent dust pollution. Dust pollution will cause the glue surface to be uneven.



3.Ceramic tile joint  is too narrow, construction speed is fast. When making glue, technician operation has a pause, or makes glue too fast; glue does not enter the inside of the gap, but on the surface layer. And that causes the gas to be at the bottom. In the process of the next pressure seam, the gas inside cannot be discharged, will lead to the emergence of colloidal foaming.


4.The construction thickness of the tile grout is too thin. In this case, the internal air cannot be compressed, which can easily lead to foaming during sizing.


5.The quality of tile grout products is poor. Due to the unqualified production process, the colloids of the tile grout products are mixed with many gases in the production process. This causes blistering during construction.


6.When the technician heated tile grout, the temperature was too high, resulting in foaming colloids. In winter, the temperature is low. In order to reduce the difficulty of glue making, technicians often heat the tile grout. But if technicians heat the temperature of the glue too high, the glue will appear foaming easily.



The above are some reasons that makes blisters during tile grout construction. Most of them are cause of unprofessional. So when you want to do the tile grout, please let the professional construction team and reliable tile joins makeup adhesive. We are the China tile grout sealant for ceramic OEM, welcome to contact us.


Please don't rush into construction because the tile grout construction looks very simple, resulting in a lot of subsequent problems. It is really hard to rework, and maybe it will damage your tiles, more harm than good!