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Are you still using silicon sealant?

When decorating, people mostly use silicon sealant to seal the edges, although it is relatively easy to use, but the taste is very big, and it is easy to become moldy and black after a long time, especially in toilet, kitchen, these damp places, easily craze, then what product won't appear these phenomena?



MS super glue, also known as modified silane edge sealant, is widely used in bathroom, toilet edge, hand dish edge, kitchen cabinet seam edge, etc, not only environmental friendly, non-toxic, the operation is simple, but also has the advantages of aging resistance, water resistance, can be very good to protect the gap from the erosion of bacteria, prevent the gap mildewy black and other problems.



With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, MS glue has been welcomed by more and more people, it’s healthy, environmental friendly, adhesion, antifouling is higher than glass glue, which is the best choice for home decoration. Kelin China China modified silane edge sealant manufacturer has been focusing on environmentally friendly products to bring customers a high quality shopping experience.