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Are you still using a grout brush with a long handle?

Are you still struggling with grout cleaning? Are you still using a grout brush with a long handle? Kelin tile grout allows you to remove the grouting brush, easy to clean tile gaps.

The kitchen and bathroom have always been the most important places to clean, but also the most troublesome places. Dirt and mold often remain in the gaps of ceramic tiles, making it complicated and difficult to clean. Although most owners have used grouting products, cement-based grouting products are not easy to clean up. For a long time, they will discolor and fracture. Then people will try their best to clear ceramic tile gaps. The long handle brush is more popular, grouting, which has two kinds of electric and manual, will also use some grout cleaner collocation, but cement grouting in the use of these tools will be affected, long time of friction, chemical erosion will shorten its service life, affect its use.



And the epoxy resin tile grout produced by Kelin construction building glue manufacturer greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning. Kelin tile grout is not only simple in construction, but also convenient and practical to use. Because it is hard as porcelain after curing, the surface is smooth, it can be directly wiped with ceramic tiles when cleaning, and it is waterproof, mildew proof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, which is the best choice for cleaning heavy areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. More importantly, it can cut off bacteria effectively to the outside world, after having it, you need not worry about ceramic tile gaps dirty or hard to clean!