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Shocking! 7 Times Bacteria--Home>>Hospital

When you open the yoga mat and get ready to do yoga, when the baby is crawling on the ground, when the pillow falls on the ground, you can't realize what is hidden on the ground!

The experimental personnel tested in 3 samples of solid wood flooring with service life of 60 years, 12 years and 3 years respectively, and the results were as following:
Floor gaps ranged from 0.9 mm to more than 6 mm. On average, there were 4.56 grams of garbage per square centimeter of floor, and the average number of bacteria was seven times higher than the hospital's minimum standard for infectious disease departments and wards.
The aperture of ceramic tile differs from 1 to 10 millimeter, and the minimum, maximum value was bigger than wooden floor of 0.1 millimeter, which means the quantity of bacterium is much more than the wooden floor. 



What are the bacteria and the garbage in the gaps?




The kitchen and bathroom, which containing lots of oil and water are most likely to breed mold. And warm, moist gaps can increase mold growth. People long-term contacting with mold may cause nausea, vomiting, severe cases, and will also cause intestinal diseases.


2、Bioactive substance   


Both human and animal dander, hair and saliva getting on the ground will cause bacteria to multiply rapidly.


3、Inhalable particulate


Indoor air floating dust and particles are carriers of bacteria, when inhaled, can cause disease.


4、Dust mites


Studies have shown that when dust mites reach 500 / g in the indoor air, it is likely to cause acute asthma. The sheets, bedding and mattresses that have not been cleaned in time are places that dust mites like. They shake off to the air or the ground, which is not conducive to human health.



Tile grout - the Nemesis of mold 
The tile grout not only can solve the mold problem of the gap, but also has the following functions:


1、Mildew and bacteria proof

The high quality tile grout contains high-end epoxy resin, which has strong stability. After curing, it will stick to the ceramic tile firmly. There is no gap, so there is no living space for bacteria and mildew. This fundamentally precludes the breeding of bacteria and mildew. The crevices don't turn black, moldy, or breed bacteria.

2、Water proof, moisture proof 


After the construction of tile grout, it can avoid water seepage between ceramic tile gaps and achieve waterproof and moisture proof. You'll notice that there's no black stuff around the edges of the kitchen sink, and the bathroom tile gaps are no longer to be worried about bacteria growing because of the humidity, and living room tiles are becoming more beautiful.


3、Rich colors 


The traditional filler has less color and tends to get dirty. The Kelin brand of the tile grout products has more rich colors. According to the decoration style, ceramic tile type, preferences, etc., customers can choose the appropriate tile grout color to meet their own needs, so that their home presents a unique style.

4、Strong decorative function

The traditional sealant is easy to blacken and lose luster, or even fall off. The difference between the tile grout and the sealant is that the tile grout has rich color to be chosen for users. With matching mutually with the ceramic tile of different color, it can bring better integral adornment effect to home outfit, and makes home outfit effect more beautiful.

5、Easy to clean

Before the construction of the tile grout, the dirty things in the tile gap cannot be swept out with a broom. A vacuum cleaner can only suck out a fraction of the dust. Over time, the dirty stuff stays in the gaps between the tiles. And the tile grout can cooperate perfectly with ceramic tiles. After construction, the whole surface is easy to clean and shine.

6、As bright as a tile

After curing, the tile grout has high strength and the same brightness as ceramic tile. But what the only difference between tile grout and ceramic tile is that its flexibility after curing is very strong, which can bear ceramic tile expansion and contraction.

Tile grout, not only adornment effect is beautiful, more importantly , it ensures you and my life space clean and wholesome. One small step in the tile grout, a big step for a healthy life.

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